What we learnt at Secret Garden Party.

Hey, welcome to our first ever Pop Heart Blog! I’m Chelsea, one part of Pop Heart. Over the blog will be chatting about theatre (obviously!) all things Pop Heart, our inspirations and loads of other stuff to.

Now it feels like everyone we know in theatre has gone up to Edinburgh Festival! We are planning to go next year but in the meantime we’ve been spending our summer gathering inspiration (and having fun) from other creative avenues. So off we went a couple of weeks ago to Secret Garden party! It was our third year at the festival and the final ever Secret Garden! I wanted to share with you a few things we at Pop heart have learnt from the festival.

Always dress up-

I’m as happy in my pj’s as I am in a full sequined jumpsuit and those are basically my only two style choices, glitter or jogging bottoms. Anyway, at this festival more than any other I have been to, people really go for it with their style, they let lose, live out their outfit fantasies- stuff you would never wear to a trip to Lidl or in your day job. But this got me thinking, why do we hide ourselves away in outfits that aren’t what we love, why do we misrepresent our true tastes in drab choices? So, if you love it, wear it. Let’s make some goddamn entrances.

We are all responsible for each other’s dreams-

With the risk of sounding all hippy dippy, something that was promoted to us by any compare we came across and lots acts was the fact that we all need to care for each other more, whether that be the people immediately around you or in your wider community. To smile at each other, to actively encourage each other’s positivity.  One day I just couldn’t relax into my festival swing and four different strangers came up to me, to see if I was ok and to have chat with me. Just cos I looked a bit fed up, how cool is that? If we all take a little more care for each other who knows what we can achieve?

The importance of spectacle-

Firework displays, paint fights, dance offs, dress up competitions, swimming, games, interactive art, aerial displays and science experiments. There is nothing like an explosion or something silly to release our inner child. To be able to really gasp at something, mouth open, eyes wide almost crying with happiness at the amazement of what you are witnessing. Now I’m a sucker for anything that seems remotely like magic, but to be part of a collective witness to a live joyous event is a truly beautiful experience and brings a community together. So let’s all keep making whatever our medium but remember to keep plugged in to the wonder of the live experience, not to our devices.

Always carry waterproofs-

Nothing is better than dry clothes. Life lesson.