Our sell-out show from Brighton Fringe 2017 and Edinburgh 2018

"...the themes explored are relevant and relatable and definitely portrays an important message to the younger adult generation of today"

Broadway Baby

"The writing was clever poignant, dark and often very funny"



Presented by Pop Heart Productions


Questioning what it means to be desired in a culture obsessed with beauty. 'Am I F#*kable?' explores how this impacts our relationships, self-worth and our own well-being. Do our own insecurities influence our place in a superficial world? A dark and funny show devised from a single idea.

Edinburgh 2018

Written by   : Pop Heart Productions, Alanna Manwaring & Yvette Saunders

Directed by : Yvette Saunders

Starring :  Chelsea Newton Mountney
                 Rich Foyster

Brighton 2017

Written by   : Pop Heart Productions, Alanna Manwaring & Cast

Directed by : Pop Heart Productions & Alanna Manwaring

Starring       : Heather Rose Andrews
                       Lisa Caira
                       James Macauley


Last Performed

 Edinburgh Fringe Festival

13-26th August 2018
Sweet Venues
Sweet Novotel 3