Our sell-out show from Brighton Fringe 2017



Questioning what it means to be desired in a culture obsessed with beauty. 'Am I F#*kable?' explores how this impacts our relationships, self-worth and our own well-being. Do our own insecurities influence our place in a superficial world? A dark and funny show devised from a single idea.

".....clever. poignant, dark, and often very funny"
G Scene

Presented by Pop Heart Productions

Written by   : Pop Heart Productions, Alanna Manwaring & Cast

Directed by : Pop Heart Productions & Alanna Manwaring

Starring       : Heather Rose Andrews
                       Lisa Caira
                       James Macauley


Last Performed

 Brighton Fringe Festival 2017

15 - 18th May
3 - 4th June
21:30 @ The Warren - Studio 3